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Add Eco-Friendly, 300% Wind Power Green Hosting to the leading edge feature list and we have a winner!

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Web Developer Notes

As a web developer and company owner I have a lot of experience with web hosting companies in the US and Canada. I share some of this knowledge below.
Richard Allan, CEO Edmonton SEO & Websites Inc.

  • Prices can vary greatly between hosting companies, especially in Canada. I have been partial to hosting companies in the States because of their low rates and full features, but now you can get the same in Canada in the $5 a month range.
    Recently I had to add a MySQL Database to a clients Canadian hosting package and the cost was around $130 for 1 year! That's on top of the $130 a year for hosting. With GreenGeeks you have unlimited MySQL Databases included at no extra cost. That's a crazy big difference!
  • Just because you do search for Canadian web hosting, doesn't mean the results are necessarily Canadian companies or that your site will be hosted in Canada. In my experiences with "Canadian Web Hosts" I have been surprised to find that some of the websites are on servers located in the United States! Your data could even be offshore.
    You got your .ca domain name for your Canadian company and then you ended up being hosted in another country...
  • Like everything else, support can really vary, and it can make or break your web hosting experience. At times it seems obvious that I'm dealing with a reseller. Resellers are not actually hosting your website, they just look like they are. If your web host only does support by email or tickets, they could be a reseller.
    Better to deal directly with the host than a go between. With GreenGeeks you get excellent 24/7/365 support directly from your hosting company!
  • Are you concious of, and being "green" wherever and however you can? Now you can actually reduce your carbon footprint by using 300% green, wind powered web hosting!
    It just makes sense to choose green hosting using energy generated by wind, and GreenGeeks buys 3 times the amount of energy used by their servers in wind energy credits.

    Go green with your web hosting!
  • If you are looking to have a new website built, or you existing site is getting old and it's time for newer technology or a face lift... have a look at our website design and SEO website.

    Use the contact form and let me know what you're looking for. We will build your site on a solid SEO foundation which will help you get good results on the search engines. You can have a great looking site, but it need to be found to be effective.

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Web Hosting Conclusion

I am hopefull that sharing some of my hard earned experience with you will save you time, frustration and money. You know what they say about learning the hard way... Now you don't have to!

Having said that, as a web developer I will be recommending/choosing GreenGeeks, Green Canadian Web Hosting for my clients. I know that we will get high value in the hosting package, and we'll be able to employ the latest technologies on their websites.

If you're looking at a new website, check with us first as good planning begins even with your choice of domain name. And you get one for free with your hosting package.

Richard Allan, CEO Edmonton SEO & Websites Inc.

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